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LIfe with ghosts
Film + q&a with the filmmaker

East Coast Theatrical Premiere!

Science is studying ghosts? Really?

In this Best Documentary film festival winner, a widow suffering prolonged grief agrees to participate in a research study that aims to reconnect bereaved survivors with their departed loved ones. The process is known as Induced After-Death Communication (IADC), and it is rapidly gaining recognition among psychologists, academics and bereavement professionals.

LIFE WITH GHOSTS records the first-ever publicly funded attempt to facilitate contact with deceased individuals to determine if such contact can be used to reduce severe grief symptoms. In an area where traditional talk therapy has been largely ineffective, at a time when 70,000 Americans die from prescription drug misuse in a single year, this film heralds a welcome alternative for the chronically bereaved.

Cabrini + Film and Panel Discussion

Hiding Places
Film + q&a with the filmmaker

East Coast Theatrical Premiere!

An interracial couple struggling to hold their marriage together wakes up to discover their daughter has found a fugitive hiding from the police in their garden shed. After allowing the fugitive into their home, allegiances are tested and old wounds exposed as the couple must decide to help or hinder their guest.

Better Off Dead

Don’t miss the rare opportunity to see the epic 1980s teen comedy back on the big screen!  Following the film will be a special Q&A with director Savage Steve Holland.  The event is hosted by Brian Hunt, President of Believe Studios and Head of Development of Believe Entertainment.  Upgrade your tickets to include a post show Meet & Greet with Director/Writer of Better Off Dead and One Crazy Summer, Savage Steve Holland.  Before the show be sure to purchase your raffle tickets to win great prizes while supporting Sacred Heart University Community Theatre!

Better Off Dead stars John Cusack in one of his breakout roles as Lane, a heartbroken teenager who has lost the will to live after a breakup. When his former girlfriend finds a new love interest, Lane joins forces with French exchange student Monique and his best friend Charles on a mission that pushes him to live again. The film was written and directed by 24 year-old Savage Steve Holland, his first film, who went on to have a prolific career in film and television. 


The boys in the boat