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22oct4:00 pmGoosebumps (2015)4:00 pm

22oct(oct 22)7:30 pmMonster House (2006)7:30 pm

23oct7:00 pmLIVE: SHUCT Jazz Series presents: Matthew Whitaker7:00 pm

24oct12:00 pmFrankenweenie (2012)12:00 pm

24oct3:00 pmFrankenweenie (2012)3:00 pm

28oct7:00 pmPretty In Pink7:00 pm

29oct4:00 pmThe Little Shop of Horrors (1960)4:00 pm

29oct(oct 29)7:30 pmCoco (2017)7:30 pm

30oct(oct 30)7:30 pmLIVE: CT Coffee House (series)7:30 pm

31oct12:00 pmThe Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)12:00 pm

31oct3:00 pmThe Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)3:00 pm


04nov7:00 pmThe Auschwitz Report7:00 pm

06nov1:00 pmCars (2006)1:00 pm

06nov4:00 pmComing Home (1978)4:00 pm

06nov7:30 pmComing Home (1978)7:30 pm

07nov12:00 pmThe Game Plan (2007)12:00 pm

07nov3:00 pmThe Game Plan (2007)3:00 pm

12nov7:30 pmFlags of Our Fathers (2006)7:30 pm

13nov7:30 pmLIVE: (World Premiere) Broadway Mix Tape7:30 pm

14nov12:00 pmToy Story (1995)12:00 pm

14nov3:00 pmToy Story (1995)3:00 pm

19nov7:00 pmThe Blind Side (2009)7:00 pm

21nov12:00 pmPocahontas (1995)12:00 pm

21nov3:00 pmPocahontas (1995)3:00 pm

26nov7:30 pmHome for the Holidays (1995)7:30 pm

27nov1:00 pmRatatouille (2007)1:00 pm

27nov4:00 pmPlanes, Trains, and Automobiles (1987)4:00 pm

27nov7:30 pmPlanes, Trains, and Automobiles (1987)7:30 pm

28nov12:00 pmFrozen (2013)12:00 pm

28nov3:00 pmFrozen (2013)3:00 pm